Everybody can help

Many people are bothered by the massive usage of illegal websites, but are unsure of what they can do to change something.
  • First of all, you can share this page with your friends and online contacts.
  • If you see someone using illegal websites, show them one of our rerouting websites and encourage them to find a legal service instead.
  • If you notice people are not aware of the correct legal situation, show them one of our FAQs.
  • Illegal activities are not only done in the online world. If you know someone who likes to buy fake/pirated copies, encourage them also to support the originals.

Show support on your website

For companies and even individuals, giving support to #GoLegal is fairly simple. Just select your preferred badge and copy the HTML source code into your website or blog. By doing so, we will be one step closer to help in spreading awareness by using only legal services.

1. Select a badge

2. Embed the badge on your website

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